Body Of Homeless Man Found In Jamaica Turns Out To Be Bob Marley, Seriously!

“What Are you sure about that?”

Here we go again. Truth is somehow invading the ‘wrong news’ which have previously been circulating for decades now. With events coming and going, we people have been smashed with the things that were supposedly recorded in history. Well, we cannot blame these people or circumstances to show entirely opposite stories of their lives–maybe it’s just their craft.
But what appears as ‘dangerous’ right here is this validation of the age-old hanging question that ‘not all the things the world shoved down our throats are true’.

Keep calm my friends; real stories seem to unfold day by day–may it marriages and annulments, historical accounts, life and death of stars, celebrities, and the likes, technically almost everything.
One of the most recent examples of this kind of fuzz is about the ‘late’ Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley from Jamaica. The world has been the witness of this star’s untimely death. Based on some literature, the Jamaican reggae singer, and songwriter who was born on February 6, 1945, died from melanoma–a type of cancer–on May 11, 1981. People all over the world, especially the reggae community, mourned for his fatality. I assume you old readers felt the same way.

By the way, things become so confusing when a small-time news regarding a homeless man who died behind a fast food restaurant somewhere in Jamaica surfaced. Lo and behold, that old man looks like the reggae legend! And what’s even more surprising is after the DNA test, autopsy, and other medical procedure, results match with Bob’s medical records. Is this just plain creepy, a joke, or an extremely shocking truth people must believe in? Bob Marley even lived for so long behind his fame and public physical appearances! Unbelievable!

It’s time to know more about this story to clear some things up.

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