Mom Asks Honda For A New Car After Giving Birth In The Backseat

Couples expecting a new baby in their family are always anxious to meet the little bundle of joy. Those nine months of waiting can feel like an eternity, especially for the mom who’s dealing with a kiddo taking up all the room inside her belly. But that time is a blessing when it comes to preparing for the arrival. Everything from decorating the nursery to narrowing down a name both Mom and Dad can agree on take plenty of time, and definitely shouldn’t be rushed.
Most parents also like to work out a very specific birth plan for the big day. Of course, many tykes like to play by their own rules when they arrive too early, too late, or in any of the other seemingly endless surprises that can pop up in all of the excitement.

For comedy writer, performer, and director Beth Newell, that meant waiting a few extra days to greet her daughter and suddenly finding herself in the market for a new car.

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