Husband Caught Cheating While Having Sex With a Girl

Leslie Varner, 25, from Boise, Idaho, found out that her husband Cody Varner was messaging her best friend, Sam, on Facebook
They invited Cody to Sam’s house — but Leslie was there waiting
She told him he was busted and asked what was wrong with their marriage that he felt he needed to be unfaithful
He couldn’t give an answer, and callously laughed and told her it was the ‘easy way out’ while bringing up both of their past indiscretions
The young couple have a child together and Leslie said that she’d be filing for divorce

When an Idaho woman found out that her husband was trying to have an affair with her best friend, she made up her mind to confront him — and catch his reaction on camera.
Leslie Varner from Boise was clearly upset to learn that her husband of nearly three years, who is also the father of her child, was planning to be unfaithful. He’d cheated on her before, but this time, he was secretly messaging her best friend, Sam, on Facebook, looking for some fun on the side.
So when ‘Sam’ finally invited Cody, 26, over for some one-on-one time, Leslie was there by her friend’s side, waiting to ask her husband for a divorce and record all of his awful excuses.

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