8 Moments Miley Cyrus Shattered Her Dad’s Achy, Breaky Heart ( 17 photos )

If you don’t know who we’re talking about, you have some serious catching up to do. Hannah Montana took the world by storm with her adorable Disney show, and everything was JUST FINE. Her daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus, was actually cast as her father in the preteen favorite, and it appeared we may have a rarity among the Disney kids who grow up. We thought we’d have a modest grower-upper like Hilary Duff, setting a good example, keeping parental heart attacks at respectable minimums, and not letting Hollywood sell her out; we thought wrong. Miley took her twenties by the horns and shook whatever dignity she had left off on Robyn Thick’s Beetlejuice-chic pants. Now, let’s explore this change. If you blinked that week, you missed it.

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