They Are The World’s Oldest Conjoined Twins, And Their Journey Of Life Is Truly Inspiring

Imagine having to share each minute of your life with another whole different person. Imagine the amount of patience that would call for, the extent of compromise it would require. How long do you think would you be able to go like that? Well, Ronnie and Donnie have been doing it for the last 64 years! They are the world’s oldest conjoined twins, and the way they have carried themselves through the journey called life, is truly inspiring. Have a read.
The world’s oldest conjoined twins
Ronnie and Donnie have earned the title of the world’s oldest conjoined twins, having made it into their 64th year. This was absolutely unexpected. In fact, their younger brother, Jim, revealed that the twins were not expected to live longer than a night when they were born in 1951. And yet, here they are now!

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