This Is What Jesus REALLY Looked Like

The history and archaeology departments at universities must be filled with aspiring sleuths and young Sherlocks. The history books are filled with unsolved mysteries, and who could resist the temptation to dig into a problem buried in the sands of time? Who wouldn’t want to be the first to answer a riddle that has baffled generations? How good must that feel?

The oldest mysteries, and the most famous, have special places in our culture. Many involve construction, as with Stonehenge and the Great Pyramids. It’s just hard to fathom how primitive cultures found ways to manipulate unimaginably heavy objects into precise, complex formations that have managed to stay standing for thousands of years.

And there are some mysteries that will never be solved. We’ll never know for sure how some historical figures actually looked. There’s just no way. The big one, obviously, is Jesus. People have been trying to find his image for centuries, with artists creating their best depictions and believers seeing His image in everything from toast crumbs to dirt smudges. However, the relatively new field of forensic anthropology might shed some new light on one of history’s great mysteries.

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