7 Movies With Shockingly Similar Counterparts

It’s not going to come as a shock to any of you when I say that Hollywood LOVES recycling movies, both partially and in their entirety. How many Spiderman reboots have we been subjected to in the last decade, just so that film makers can get just the right amount of grit into the series? Is it three now, or four? How many hilariously weak, Snakes On a Train style knock offs have we watched on Netflix (when there’s no one to chill with, of course) because they’re so laughably bad? All of them, that’s how many!
However, sometimes, it seems almost as though the same movie is made a number of times within the same year! Like the execs had two different routes they wanted to go with the same script and just decided ‘to hell with it, make both!’ That seems to be the case with the following movies, all of which came out in the same year as each other and concerned themselves with nearly the exact same thing.

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